Siwan Nagar Palika was established in 1869 which was later declared as Siwan Nagar Parishad in year 2001 by the Government of Bihar. Nagar Parishad office is situated in District head office. The total area of Nagar Parishad is 15.68 Square KM and currently 38 wards are functioning in Siwan Nagar Parishad. There are Town Halls built in the Nagar Parishad area where Government related programs are organized and public functions are also organized with Administration permission.
There is a field named ‘Gandhi Maidan’ an indore stadium ‘Ekta Indor Stadium’ and ‘Rajendra Stadium’ is situated in Nagar Parishad area.
In Siwan Nagar Parishad area there are two sugar mills, one Ayurvedic college, one woman institute, five Degree colleges, two woman degree colleges, two Intermediate colleges, one Homenopathy medical college, one Unani medical college, four Senior Secondary schools, one Madarasa school, one Central school and one Navoday school are currently running.